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What Measurement Engineers do

We often get the question “what is it actually you do”? So join us for a typical task that we are now allowed to talk about. It all started with request from a vehicle manufacturer that designed a new rear suspension (double wishbone, independent, driven) and asked us how to test it. Easy, right? Well,…
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Who is who? What are all these abbreviations? Aren’t they synonyms? Mhh, well in some places you can say IMU and it will cover all of the above, but in most other places people will be confused. So let’s sort this out, step by step. GPS = Global Positioning System, this what we all knew…
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Measurement of rotational things

What to look for Measuring rotating objects can often be challenging and intricate. The primary concern is to avoid adding excessive mass to a rapidly spinning fan, as it could disrupt its balance. However, there is a simple and efficient solution: optical measurement! I demonstrate in the video below how to measure a standard computer…
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